Thursday, September 08, 2005

Grants, NM to Elk City, OK

number of times creeped out by a campground: 1 (twice, in two days!); number of state campgrounds avoided (total): 2; number of ginormous crosses witnessed: 1; number of times I'd like to go back to the Panhandle: 0.

We crossed the entire Panhandle in one day. Let me just say that the miles and miles of grasslands north of Amarillo just kind of freaked me out. They were so empty; I couldn't believe it. Even the roads were empty--long, long roads with absolutely no one on them. Pretty good radio stations, though. Anyway, we drove north of Amarillo for about 45 minutes to get to Lake Meredith State Park. According to the website Lake Meredith is an extremely popular place for boating and fishing aficionados. This might be true during July but on a Thursday in September Lake Meredith is an abandoned sinkhole. We drove to three different campgrounds and saw only two people. The large signs warning of rattlesnakes all over the place were also a bit of a turnoff. We stayed for about three hours, even picked out a campground, and then got weirded out by how lonely it was, so we packed up and headed for Oklahoma. For those of you traveling across the country, I don't really suggest the Elk City KOA--it is in between the freeway and an exit ramp and they charge you an extra $6 to take a shower. Those of you more rugged than I probably wouldn't mind this, but then you probably would have stayed at Lake Meredith, too.

The Cadillac Ranch!
east of Amarillo, TX

J! tries to put a little happiness into this sad, sad place.

Huge Cross #1


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