Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Highlights, Continued

Mt. Monadnock:

According to the inside of the bathroom door at the state park, Mt. Monadnock is the most climbed mountain in the world. Mt. Fuji used to hold this distinction but as it turns out, so many people now arrive at the top of Mt. Fuji by car, bus, or other means that Mt. Monadnock is now number 1. I can’t tell if the park rangers are proud of this fact or if they think too many people climb the mountain who shouldn’t. There were signs all over the place explaining how one should always take things like water and a long sleeved shirt while hiking. It is a great mountain to hike, though—the lower half of it is covered with trees, which I’m sure must be beautiful in the fall when the colors begin to emerge, and then up above the tree line you can enjoy a great view of the entire valley. I was told that on a clear day you can see six states from Mt. Monadnock. I confess, however, that we didn’t reach the top. Not because we got tired but we started a bit late and we were worried that there wouldn’t be enough light to see by when we got down near the bottom of the hill. Too bad we didn’t bring a light—but really, the signs only mentioned water and jackets, not flashlights.

At least forty minutes worth of the
climb looks just like this.

Some pretty lakes.


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