Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kanakee, IL to Chicago, IL, to Granger, IN

number of free tix received: 2; number of miniature rooms witnessed: about 20; number of times we walked around the same block looking for the entrance to the art institute: 3; number of towels used to soak of air conditioning water from the floorboards of the car: 1.

Chicago seems like a very cool city--I'm afraid we were only able to see about six city blocks worth, but hey, that gives us an excuse to go back! On the other hand, the worst traffic on our 2500 mile long trip came in Chicago, which was a bit of a downer. The Art Institute was nice--not my favorite art museum but the Thorne collection of miniature rooms was great. Plus, we didn't even have to pay to see the artworks--the museum was hosting an exhibit on Tolouse-Latrec and Montmarte and a nice woman whose two friends couldn't make it gave us their tix. That was really about all we saw of Chicago. Granger, IN, on the other hand, we toured extensively, which wasn't hard given that it consists of about 1 street. Cute town, though--right near South Bend, IN, which is home to Notre Dame. There’s a good brew pub in Mishawaka that’s worth the visit—Mishawaka Brewing Co.

Millenium Park, Chicago

Guess who designed this bad boy . . .


Anonymous mer said...

The overhead view of this is amazing! Check out the picture that shows when this page first loads: Millennium Park

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