Monday, October 10, 2005

Below are some pics of the apartment here in Mainz. The apartment is actually part of an enormous house that was converted into several apartments. It’s a nice area—lots of trees and parks—and running in between the streets, along the “backside” of the houses are little bike/walking paths. Plus, we even have a local pub! J! and I stopped in last week and had a few beers. There weren’t that many people in it, especially given that it was a Saturday night. As far as we can tell, it consisted mostly of the bartender, an old man and his equally old date, and a group of 40-something men who were amusing themselves with a game that seemed to entail hitting a tree stump with a hammer and then shouting loudly. We’re not too clear on the rules or how you win, though. At one point, a guy got a little out of control with the hammer and the bartender had to go calm him down. Is it just me or does it seem like a bad idea to regularly mix hammers and beer?

J!, glutting himself on our new internet connection.

the dining room/study

Can you find the refrigerator?

The neighbors we spy on from the balcony.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A few beers"? I have never, in my life, seen D consume anything more than half a beer. I smell exaggeration....

8:23 PM

Blogger d said...

well, I meant jointly "we had a few beers." In other words, Joe drank 2 and I sipped the foam off of mine.

6:08 PM


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