Monday, November 21, 2005

Things I Like about Germany, List #1

1. When I withdraw money from an ATM, I get a variety of denominations, instead of all 20s.
2. Everytime I go grocery shopping at Tenglemann's, the cashier gives me little heart stickers.
3. I can buy a bus ticket in Mainz for Berlin, which is 350 miles away.
4. Lebkuchen--xmas gingerbread cookies.
5. Xmas markets, with lots of spiced wine.
6. If I'm not home and DHL wants to deliver a package, instead of holding it at the postoffice, the carrier will deposit it at a "Packstation" and leave me a notice. I can then go pick it up whenever I want. I just have to flash the barcode in front of the scanner and a small door will mysteriously open, with my package waiting.
7. Apfelschorle. I can't figure out why they haven't exported this to the US, yet. It is like really good Martinellis, only not carbonated. Kind of. Plus, you can buy it in vending machines.


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