Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just thought I'd add that I've posted a new link to Iosefina Sarrou's website. Iosefina and I lived together for a year in Davis--she's back in Athens, Greece, now, but she makes very unique jewelry that is unlike anything else I've seen. She very thoughtfully gave me some beautiful pieces that I love. Her stuff is worth taking a look at, even just to see what it is like.

As a side note, the quote on her website about the Firewalk refers to an event that happens twice a year at Davis where people gather together and walk on fire. She actually did this. She's not joking about loving fire.

Interested parties can find out more info about firewalking here.


Blogger j said...

This must be the official "hey world, my birthday is approaching" post from d. Very crafty, I must say.

11:17 PM

Blogger d said...

well, actually, it was more of a plug for people to go buy jewelry from her. She's a poor, starving artist with a Ph. D in phyiscs, folks! If you demand to show how much you love dotde by showering me with rings and bracelets, I promise I won't complain.

1:39 PM


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