Sunday, January 15, 2006

More pics from München and our Tobogganing Adventure. Note: the pizza box was inserted into the Ikea bag, to give it a bit more structure.

Arr! practices for the real thing.

The snow wasn't quite icy enough for tobogganing. And there wasn't quite enough of it.

This picture is making our mother nervous, I bet.

I actually slid about two whole feet before falling over.

In the foreground is what's left of Arr!'s Maß. This shot gives you a nice idea of the size of a Maß beer relative to Arr!'s face.

Arr!, enjoying all München has to offer. As a side note, München is full of these lions right now, all painted differently and often in different positions. It is part of a city-wide project called Münchner Löwenparade ("Munich Lion Parade"). Local businesses buy and decorate a lion to support the children's charity, "Children in Need." München is in Bavaria, a state in Germany that has long been associated with lions (lions are in several of the coats-of-arms and the Bavarian state is often represented as a lion), hence the choice of animal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, that's like that project angel in los angeles a couple years ago! exciting!

8:19 PM

Blogger d said...

yeah, evidently it is a popular fund-raising trick. I found a website devoted to people who really dislike it as a "copycat" idea. Cows in Zurich and Prague, bears in Freising, frogs in Buedingen . . . I thought it was kind of neat, though. The best one we saw was for the store O2, which had a lion in an aquarium.

8:40 PM


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