Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mainz Blogger Us-es!!

Attentive dotde readers will notice a few changes to the links menu, notably J!'s wish list from (don't give into him, people! He has enough books already, except the "Le Tour" one--we could use a copy of that). Just above these fine literary selections, though, you'll find a link to "a quiet room" which J! found by doing a blogger search on "Mainz." As it turns out, "a quiet room" is a blog about a young couple living in Mainz for a year . . . see where this is headed? That's right! J! has managed, among all the blogs availabe on the entire World Wide Web, to discover our blogger twins!! Who would have guessed?

For example:

1. Chantelle is a German literature Ph. D. student from a university in northern California. Granted, the comparison breaks down a bit because Ben is some kind of scientist at the Max Planck Institute, but really, as I prefer to think of J! as a "word engineer," I think the similarity holds up.

2. They live in Mainz.

3. Their blog relates wacky stories about living in a foreign country.

4. They play settlers.

5. They've the requiste photo of the Lorelei on their blog.

I have a sinking sensation I'm going to run into Chantelle and Ben before the year is out and then there will be an awkward moment when I have to admit that not only do I "know" these people I've never met before, but I wrote a blog post about them. On the bright side, though, dotde readers who hunger for more Meenzer news now have a second outlet--on those days that you visit our lovely blog only to discover that we haven't posted in two weeks, you can just head over to "a quiet room" and catch up on all the local gossip!


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