Saturday, February 18, 2006

So, I blush to admit this but I hadn't actually realized that the Olympics were going on this year. Honestly, it feels like we just had the Olympics this summer, so I was a bit surprised to discover that we're doing it again! If only I had known earlier! Mainz is not so far away from Turin and it would have been just a hop, skip and a hefty hotel bill to enjoy the thrills of curling up close and personal.

Sadly, J! and I realized too late that a mere 730 km away thousands of freezing cold people were enjoying the best winter sports the world has to offer. Luckily for us, though, we get one channel on the tv and as this particular channel is public access, they show the Winter Olympics 12 hours a day. Granted, "Das Erste" focuses on sports in which Germany has contenders, namely the skeleton, speed skating, and ski jumping, but this doesn't hold them back from also covering figure skating.

I haven't watched figure skating in forever so I was a bit surprised to discover "ice dancing," which J! describes as "primitive figure skating" because the skaters aren't allowed to do all the twists and flips they do in pairs and singles. But while the skaters seem a bit more limited in the technical field, the repetoire is considerably more open in other areas. As far as I can tell, couples get extra points for smiling as wide as possible, kissing on the ice, dramatic makeup, and wearing super skimpy outfits (none of those "fake skin" leotards for the women of ice dancing!! They risk even bare skin for the gold medal!).

Last night was the first competition for ice dancing, in which couples perform the same routine to the same music and are judged on their technical achievements and their "total program" (according to NBC the latter category includes things like "hand movements"). Italian skaters Barbara Fusar-Poli and her partner Maurizio Margaglio skated to first place after wowing the crowds with their spins and blinding them with their costumes. Photos below for your ice dancing enjoyment.

These photos aren't from the Olympics but from Fusar-Poli and Margaglio's 1998/99 "Dracula" series.

She's just discovered that he has a blood fetish.

The horror!

Things don't look good for this couple.

From last night's competition in Turin.

Oddly, they didn't seem to get docked points for their costume choice.


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Funny that D's foray into this January's icy-Mainz walking produced some of the same moves and expressions as you see in Barbara's Dracula series photos posted here. Talk about a natural...

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