Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here in Mainz, a "temperate zone" in Deutschland, the winters are relatively mild--it snows, the snow looks pretty, it generally turns to slush as it hits the ground. Sometimes it sticks around for a day or so, hiding out in the shade behind the trash cans, but mostly it just melts immediately. This is really nice snow--I like it.

But I don't really like it in March.

Allow me to demonstrate:

Davis, CA

Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz

Fortunately, a week's worth of snow is almost gone after two days of rain. They tell me it will get better by Easter. At least, that's what the Germans here say. Our lovely American pal, Je, let out that last year she was still wearing sweatpants in July. If anyone wants to mail us some sun here at dotde, we're happily accepting donations.


Anonymous klamka said...

Here, as the extension of the Polish mother land, these conditions are often and to be expected. It is said to establish a stronger constition. I will assume that the weekly organic pickup as seen in Davis is currently suspended in Mainz. I would think, at times like these, you would ponder southern Italy and all the humidity it might offer. It does re-enforce the cyclic routines of our lives.

10:28 PM

Blogger d said...

Yes, I ponder warm, southern, sunny Italy on a regular basis. As in, about every five minutes. But, as J! constantly tells me "the cold outside just reminds us of how warm we are on the inside!" However, I think I could appreciate this sentiment more if I were enjoying it from a beach along the Italian riviera.

10:01 AM


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