Friday, March 31, 2006

So, to celebrate my quarter century in style, J! arranged a wonderful day full of excellent Japanese food and a visit to the English Theater in Frankfurt. We had front row seats for the play "Blithe Spirit," which is something of a romantic comedy about a man whose second wife hosts a seance dinner party and the ghost of his first wife comes back to haunt him.

In other birthday news, I now have an 80s glam rock haircut. The conversation with the stylist went something like this:

Me: Hi, I'd like a haircut. Just a little bit shorter, please.
Him: Your hair is curly!
Me: Um . . .
Him: [Something incomprehensible in really fast German.]

Twenty minutes later he's snipping off alarmingly large chunks of my hair, gesturing dangerously with a pair of sharp scissors and trying to tell me something about an albino python that he saw in Turkey. Finally, after some vigorous blow drying, I was allowed to escape. J! laughed out loud when he saw me this morning, bouncing down the street to meet him with curls a mile high. They've calmed down a bit since then, so I won't post a photo for you. Instead, let me just say that I looked a little bit like this guy:

Also, I'm getting really good at guitar since I turned the big 25.


Blogger j said...

I! only laughed because she laughed first. D's hair does look much different. Sebastian, our mutual sylist, really went for gold. I'll try to sneak a picture when she's not looking...

6:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'll send you a picture of my mullet if I can D's curls.

-- K

10:20 AM


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