Sunday, March 12, 2006

To celebrate (we hope) the coming of spring, J! and I traveled to far off Frankfurt this weekend and visited the beautiful Botanical Gardens there. Unfortunately, spring hadn't yet arrived to the park grounds. But inside, the greenhouses were steaming with exotic palms, orchids and even a few flowering cacti. Even better, we got there just in time to enjoy the second to last day of the "Schmetterlinge Flugshow" [Butterfly Show!]. The main exhibition hall also had a a gorgeous display of tulips and hyacinths--an incredible contrast to the wind, rain and clouds outside.

There weren't too many Schmetterlinge left, I have to say. J! even spotted a small butterfly carcass near one of the entrances but luckily I don't think any of the little kids around us noticed. Still, the remaining live butterflies were really beautiful. I've never been to a butterfly show before and I'd love to go when there are more of them. Most of the butterflies didn't actually move too much, which surprised me. I figured they'd be flitting around all over the place, but maybe old age was setting in. In fact, I only spotted one moving at all, and that one seemed to be picking a fight with one of the flourescent lightbulbs near the ceiling.

In other dotde news, J! and I are heading out to Budapest on Friday! I've never been before and I'm quite excited about it. Turkish baths and massages all weekend long! And probably some "cultural" stuff, too.

J!, excited about the banana tree behind him. It even had wee bananas on it!

So pretty!

Someday I'll have a yard like this.

Tulips and daffodils!

And some . . . heads. Just in time for spring!


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