Sunday, April 30, 2006

So 10 games in 4 days did wonders for Joe's physique but sitting on the beach watching 10 games in 4 days didn't do much for me except give me a great tan. This works to my advantage, though, since classes have started again here at Johannes Gutenberg Uni--my students are cowed into submission by my impressive array of freckles, jealous that they were stuck here in chilly Mainz for their six weeks off. Ha!


Blogger Sandra Schwab said...

Oh, so you mean it wasn't my powerful presence that cowed them into submission?


I had so hoped to have finally got my Horror-Schwab act right. *ggg*

10:41 PM

Blogger d said...

well, I figure it is an improvement on my part to be cowing them at all. Truly, I think it is impossible to be a powerful presence in the classroom when one is regularly defeated by chalk dust and a lack of erasers.

9:25 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having carved out a rather notable reputation being covered in chalk dust, I know you can overcome that hurdle. You just need to rid youself of typical normal behaviors and lend heavily towards the more scizhophrenic demenor with your class. Drooling, randoming yipping, and an occasional yowl during lectures really helps to get the concept across.

6:43 PM

Blogger d said...

absentmindedly eating chalk . . .

11:16 AM


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