Sunday, October 30, 2005

Heute ist Mantelsonntag! Coat Sunday, for those English speakers frequenting dotde. Of course, D and I didn't know this until we were scared away from a local breakfast buffet. After wandering around Mainz to find something to eat, we settled down at a cafe near the Mainzer Dom (English here) only to discover quite a festival going on. And by "quite a festival," I mean hundreds of people drinking fresh wine and local beer after
10:00 mass. Thus began our adventure with Coat Sunday,
which included the overconsumption of Nutella (D) along with a few nibbles at some healthy chestnuts, roasted on the spot (J!). And of course, D felt it necessary to participate with a new purchase (picture, right). For those of you close to D, you may remarking aloud, "White!?! D, do you know what'll happen with white!" But let's remember the importance of this purchase by a Californian with little past use for a warm accommodations. So despite the threat of spills, we decided to go for it. Especially since she'll be back at Davis in a year, and who needs a coat there anyway? Nevermind a dirty one, at that.

So let's look at this as a moment less as a potential for disaster, but rather as one which may result in great personal growth. Afterall, it does look so wonderful, right?


Blogger d said...

I'd just like to add that once I spill spaghetti sauce on it, no one will even notice dirt stains from the buses. And besides, it is such a cute coat! The picture really doesn't do it justice . . .

5:44 PM

Anonymous sky said...

cute jacket d! i mean d. nice blog j. i mean j!

6:15 PM

Blogger d said...

and it is still white! Maybe I should keep a countdown, or something.

10:28 AM


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