Sunday, November 06, 2005

Funny when someone from your new company signs you up for their early holiday celebration, and you have no idea what it is. You're driven out to the German countryside, and find yourself touring the castle-ish type residence of a coworker, having a glass sekt put in your hand, and then tasting seven or so of the thirty wines they make on site.

It's not like I could find my way back, nor have I the means or the means to do so. But it was a wonderfully disorientating and unpredictable trip.
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Anonymous Nathan E, Milos said...

Oy oy oy! That sounds pretty incredible. But is it as incredible as the Czech rock/rap group Chinaski who we heard at little prague that one night so long long ago? If you manage to stumble into Prague at any point you might try rustling up a copy of a Chinaski album, as they clearly don't sell them out west here.

6:43 AM

Blogger d said...

So the group came all the way to Little Prague but didn't bring any cds with them? Weird . . .

10:27 AM


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