Saturday, November 12, 2005

Happy Birtday, Sister M!

Love, J!

(German treats coming soon (they wouldn't let me ship the alcohol!)--you'll be glad to know that you shared your birthday with *Sandwich Day!!!* here in Mainz)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an honor! I believe the sandwich is an under-appreciated food item...

3:38 PM

Blogger d said...

Too true! Those white tents, by the way, in the above photos are devoted to raising awareness about sandwiches. Plus, they gave out free milk along with the bread and cheese.

3:55 PM

Anonymous Mary said...

I need a translator for my birthday card. Can I send it back for D to look at?

11:14 PM

Blogger d said...

lol. Of course! I must admit, though, that I rely a bit on Google translator. My translation of your card will probably end up saying something like:

Happy Birthday Sister to you! This day mail many good Wishes I you! I you in the Brain today had! *untranslatable German phrase* All Good to your Birthday!

And knowing Joe, dinosaurs were probably on the card, saying all of this in little speech bubbles ;)

7:38 PM


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