Sunday, May 14, 2006

Yes, yes... abusing the right to brand dogs as emotional support animals can't be good practice. But after being here in D-land for eight months and bearing witness to the accepted citizenship of animals in a variety of settings, I just have to wonder what's the big problem with brunching with the pup, riding the bus with a hound, or shopping with your mastiff for matching sweaters.

Case in point: while reading in a local cafe with D, two new customers stroll in with a baby-bearish dog, off leash and obedient. They sit, order a drink, and nibble at the buffet offerings. It just kind of hangs out, lapping at the cafe sponsored bowl of water the waiter set out for the colossus canine.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

When do we get to hear more about the pepper spray? Will this be the subject of a sonnet? Or is this another piece in the Darcy-was-there saga? Can't wait to hear more about your adventures.

8:19 AM


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