Monday, April 03, 2006

Since the changing weather also shifts Dotde's editorial slant to include increased feats of outdoor athleticism, we'd like to preview our evercoming spring and summer issues with the latest venture into Mombach out-of-doors. An idle Sunday, sans typical physical endeavours such as ultimate and paper grading, D and I hit the neighborhood streets with some major aggression to exude on the Table Tennis playing youths living in our area.

As Mombach contains the roughest of the Mainzer roughs, the most rugged of the roughest can be revealed on any given weekday lingering concrete waiting for a game, all the while spouting the jabber I won't learn in my German course but can only discover around the Tisch.

So, here are a few action shots from our day out fighting to keep our table from a kid named Uwe, who left the area with a couple plastic ball bruises and these two new English words: Oh and No. We're English teachers, aren't we? Next week, his vocabulary lesson includes "Have mercy!" and "Is there a God???" German speakers reading this now...can you tell me how to command "Say yer prayers, toad!"

"Willst du einen Paddeltattoo??" (Do you want a Paddle Tattoo?)

"Ich arbrauchte du" (I destroyed you OR I smoked you)

Finally, notice D's cackling:

"Es ist Bettzeit, Uwe!" (It's bedtime, Uwe!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I just saw Uwe heading up Route 20 in Plamer on an old 120 lb (54.5 Kg for you Mambachians) Schwinn mountain bike. He was reading a map of the New Hampshire seacoast.

4:26 PM

Blogger j said...

I believe, if I remember, you're thinking of his American cousin Dave Lucander. Uwe has never wrapped himself in duct tape and gone bezeerk during the CHS talent show. Not that I know of, at least.

9:28 PM


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