Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Happy Belated* Birthday to Nathan E. Milos, 20% of Cinco De Milos, coordinator of the Voorhies F(riend)-Bombs, and rapid completor of his Phd in English (nevermind that first book of poems). Shown here rocking out with a toaster oven, Nathan is both a friend and nemesis, as I look forward to heading back to Davis, California to regain my lead in our Major-League-Baseball-2006-for-Playstation-2 competitive series.

*our apologies, Milos, for not hitting this on the actual date. Just spent two nights sleeping in a gym somewhere in Northern Germany. My team soundly qualified for German National Indoors, if that's any consolation. Your present, by the way, will arrive a month or two late. But we here at Dotde promise satisfaction.


Anonymous Nathan E. Milos said...

wow thanks guys! D has a birthday eminent as well I believe.

9:42 PM

Anonymous klamka said...

Academics!!...this home convience device does not have the purpose of its existence to make anthing come out of that side.

1:15 AM

Anonymous Nathan E. Milos said...

wow. I was swinging from branch to branch on the interweb when I decided to check in on my friends in Germany, and what should great me but my own picture. Thanks guys, you made my weekend. I b'lieve D has a b-day impending as well. Happiness to you in advance.

8:41 AM

Blogger megan said...

congrats on your frisbee victory! i told my own poet J about it and he was awfully impressed as well.

8:34 PM

Blogger d said...

Happy Birthday, Nathan!! Hope it was a good one! Great pic, by the way. J! totally stole it off your MySpace--hope you don't mind!

10:04 AM


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