Sunday, February 12, 2006

And while we're on the topic of Northern California, Nathan could you tell me if walking around midtown Sac. is more or less dangerous with Ron Artest in town? I hope to make it back there, one day, and see him at Pancake Circus. I would buy him some pie.

Wally Szczerbiak has no business being in Boston, by the way. Especially wearing #55, a number Eric Williams rescued from the (arm) pits of Acie Earl, who, by the way, was last seen angling down a few Serbian basketball courts last year. Maybe I'll look into tickets, just to see him put up 30 one more time.


Anonymous Nathan E. Milos said...

now that you mention it, I did see some kids last night in downtown sac who were acting quite out of the ordinary. They looked like no kids I'd ever seen before and walked across the street with a sincere disregard for traffic lights. I think they wanted a car to hit them so they could flip out a la Ron. Wow! Sac just might be more dangerous now.

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