Monday, December 19, 2005

Just to let the rest of the DOTDE travel team know: I've happened across a Dogsled Adventure Special just north of Oslo. Two nights, Three Sleds, and 15 dogs all for under $100. The only catch is that we don't get a guide (we do get a map), and we have to provide the food for the dogs (they sell some at the base hut). What do you say?


Blogger d said...

I'd just like to take this opportunity to point out that Arrr! got lost for three hours on the 15 mile trip between Mainz and Frankfurt. And he thought that the Frankfurt Airport was the Frankfurt train station, and could only escape by tagging along with an elementary school field trip.

10:13 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wie erklären Sie einen Hund, sich mit einem Hundeschlitten zu drehen?

12:14 AM

Blogger j said...

Okay okay. With the price of tours I found out there, $100 for three would be automatic. The most inexpensive price I've found is 322 Euro / person. That's for a two day adventure, including food, accomadation, and guide.

12:42 AM

Blogger d said...

I have no idea how you get sled dogs to turn. I don't even know how you get them to go straight. In fact, my entire knowledge of sleddogs comes from the York Peppermint Patty commercial . . . my guess is it has something to do with raw meat and a good throwing arm.

4:23 PM

Blogger Dr. Teeth said...

(For we ignorant americans) Google says:

How do you explain a dog to turn with a dog sled?

3:19 AM

Blogger Arr! said...

You know, I've seen video of this and it's not like you actually ride the sled a whole lot. From what I understand you kind of push it and run next to it while the dogs are going. It looks like a lot of work.

6:12 PM

Anonymous yukon jack said...

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9:14 PM


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