Monday, November 21, 2005

December Events:

For those readers based around the world, your correspondents at would like to let you know of events that are in the near future. T-shirts and signed portraits may be available at many of the locations listed below.

12/2/05-12/3/05 -- J! will be on the road in M√ľnster, playing in an ultimate with a local Mainzer team. Though he hears there are some great cathedrals there, he'll probably run around and sleep in a gym for two nights, only venturing into the parking lot on the way out.

12/7/05 -- Arrr, D's brother (and a pirate's favorite), flies in for a month in beautiful Germany. While destinations have yet to be selected, J!, D, and Arr might travel outside the Mainz vicinity, possibly to stay a night somewhere (gasp) else. This also provides a brief period of time when J! won't necessarily have the worst German in the country. Though this might not actually occur, if Arrr already knows "Bitte" and "Danke."

12/14/05-12/31/05 -- Again, Dotde's J! will travel back across the Atlantic for two weeks in Western Massachusetts. Check back during this period to read updates on his short reintegration into the English-speaking world.

12/23/05 -- The entire I family, including those T's (minus R-Co), fly into Frankfurt for a crip winter cruise up the Rhine. What will happen when natives of Phoenix mingle with icicles? How soon until one blurts out "Ich bin kalt!"? Revisit Dotde during this seven day trip to read up on their adventures, if, of course, D's fingers nimble up a bit to make this a possibility.


Anonymous Nathan E. Milos said...

just want to say, there is a new cartoon on cartoon network - it's boondocks the cartoon, and i assume that you don't get this little morsel in the land of deutsch. well, let me tell you it's the greatest thing since boondocks the comic strip. when you get back to the states this cartoon will have changed the face of american culture and nothing will be the same J! I hope you can still recognize your parents and your home state; D, well the arizona sun keeps everything there pretty much the same ditto cali - there are too many activist groups to allow any real change here. but the rest of the country'll be crazy - I gaurantee it.

9:10 AM

Blogger d said...

yeah, I'm a huge fan of the Boondocks. I keep trying to find a good one to have my students write essays about . . . maybe the week where the Katrina survivors come to visit would spark conversation.

11:12 AM


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