Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving here at Dotde gives us time to reflect on how rare sweet potatoes are in Germany. So much so that I, after being asked, spent several minutes in class today talking about the different ways to cook them into delicious meals. This mostly meant that I repeated "Uhh, whatever you can do with a potato, you can do with a sweet potato" several times because their practical knowledge of pie is still limited at these early stages of their language instruction. And I wasn't very equipped to draw a casserole on the board, nevermind ready to talk about the greater nutritional benefits of the sweet stuff.

But, apparently, sweet potatoes are starting to inch their way onto the German Billboard Vegetable charts (if you just happen to be interested in vegetables AND music, consider sweet potatoes right around the Billboard Music's rank of The Regis Philbin Christmas Album--a couple spaces below butternut squash).

Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is as rare in Germany as the vegetable that makes this holiday a delight for us here at Dotde. However, that doesn't mean we can't wish a wonderful day for our reading audience in Davis, Phoenix, Portland, Western Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Philadelphia, and wherever you may find yourself today.

Covet those SPs.


Anonymous Nathan E. Milos said...

I made piele with my sweet potatoes on Turkey day. That is mashed sweet potatoes with coconut milk and fresh ginger. Spicy and delicious.

8:33 AM

Blogger d said...

mmm, sounds good. I think you'll have to make that as a homecoming treat . . . ;)

5:39 PM


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