Saturday, July 15, 2006

A lazy day in Mombach, between Beziers Mediterranee and Montelimar, gives us time to address recent and ongoing events in Germany and abroad. First and namely, the Klamkas made quite an entry into D-land and were forced to evacuate sooner than planned, nonetheless providing a great experience for D and I, and hopefully themselves. Highlights include the Rheinfels Castle in St. Goar (which tops Heidelberg on any given day, potential tourists). Allowed to wander in and out of rooms with no supervision whatsoever, there's an air of adventure about the place. A hat trick of M entering and emerging from various passageways gives you a whiff of what may be in store, if you choose to visit:

And part of the castle, itself:

Group Picture, after a team-time trial climb against the train schedule (note A sitting out this year's Tour de France after a crash with a bus in the Rund den Mombacher Steig):
Navigational dials for the next family trip may be pointed towards Alaska, though the state may lack the scaffolding to maintain the interest of these keen tourists. The general lack, however, of American public transporation may provide for a safer journey.


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