Tuesday, August 22, 2006

And then:

And then:

As of Friday, it's been a little easier to type with two hands now that the doctors have given me a half-cast from the elbow down. And for those who aren't aware, I'll refer you to here in order to spare myself the little discomfort I still have. Basically, I laid out for a huck, kept my arms out in front while landing on my chest and then hit a rough spot in the grass with my left arm, causing it to be caught under my sliding body, dislocating my wrist and audibly and undoubtedly breaking a bone in my arm. 5 hours after the crack, I was on the operating table under the care of some great doctors and nurses who made my adventure as pleasant as possible.

Then came the most boring few days of my time here in Germany, the monotony broken only by some teammates who broke me out to watch us win the Finals. Other than that, I read about 5 books during my stay and will never go to another tournament without a deck of cards just in case. D was great, by the way, taking care of the insurance and making sure work knew I needed time off. If you know my parents, you should ask them about the ordeal, as they had an entirely different perspective on the timeline of events. The rest goes like this: 4 weeks from now and back in Northern California, I'll get this cast off, start physical therapy, take up Disc Golf, and plan a return to a Sacramento Ultimate field in late winter.

The last few weeks here have been filled with medical treatment (had to stay in Cologne for a week after the surgery) and work, with a short foray to the Black Forest which we'll up date you on in a coming-soon post. Otherwise, that's as much of a Nationals report as I'm able to share, and I can't wait to play with Mainz in the future--maybe again at Rimini, and we'll see about German Nationals another year.


Blogger Arr! said...

Thats a nice hospital gown. Thats nice that they went for a simple two tone design rather than the monochrome we have here in the states.

5:54 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that a LLBean tag on the grown. Very Downeast. Is this a New England man?

4:26 AM


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